Why is HP printer offline Windows 10?

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Why is HP printer offline Windows 10?

Why is HP printer offline Windows 10?

With the invention of HP printers, the lives of people working in different sectors as well as schools and colleges have become easy and convenient. But sometimes when you give print commands to your printer it displays you with a message indicating HP printer offline. This is because your printer is unable to communicate with your computing device to which it is connected. Sometimes, this issue may appear when the USB cables are not connected properly. Also, the reason behind this error is a faulty or obsolete printer driver installed into your system. Apart from this, the HP printer offline issue can also occur due to some technical or windows settings being incorrect.  

Troubleshooting ways to overcome HP printer offline issue 

  • Check connectivity with HP print and scan doctor software 

HP has recently launched HP print and scan software in order to overcome all the printer offline issues. In order to access it, the very first thing is to download the most recently launched HP print and scan doctor software. You can download this software by accessing the HP printer’s support page. Once it gets downloaded, run the software to fix the HP printer offline issues. 

  • Restore the settings of your HP Printer manually 
    • First of all, click on the Windows button and then drag your cursor and tap the Control Panel. 
    • Afterwards, search for the Printers and Drivers section that you will find under the segment name i.e Hardware and Sound. 
    • Consequently, a list of various printers connected will appear on your computer screen. 
    • From the list of available options, select your HP printer and right-click on it. 
    • Thereafter, select the option See what’s printing. Here, you have to make sure that you have cleared all the print jobs. 
    • If you have not cleared the print jobs yet, then first select all the files that you want to remove permanently and then right-click and select Remove option. 
    • After this, once again access the window of Printers and Drivers. And then, right-click on your HP printer.  
    • In the end, locate and after that unmark the checkbox of HP Printer Offline. Hence, this will overcome the issue of printer offline. 
  • Re-install the HP printer driver 

Before reinstalling the printer driver firstly you need to uninstall the previously installed printer application. After that, to download this use the web address 123.hp.com. Once you reach the desired web page enter the model number of your HP printer that you are using, click Search. Select the printer driver for your HP printer and it will start downloading. 

  • Once the downloading part is over, locate and open the downloaded setup file. 
  • This will redirect you to the Security Warning pop-up box, click the Run tab on the same window. 
  • Now, a next window appears in front of you that asks to grant the permission to run the application safely into your system. Press the Yes option from the window.
  • Afterwards, you have to locate and click on the Continue tab from the installation wizard that appears in front of you. 
  • Next, have a glimpse of the End User License Agreement and then tick the checkbox to accept the conditions mentioned.
  • It will bring you to the software Selection window, opt for Customize Software Selection option and move to the next step. 
  • Subsequently, you will get a list of driver software that is available for the purpose of installation. Choose the printer driver as per your HP printer and tap next.
  • This will start the process of re-installation of the HP printer driver. Once you have completed the installation procedure, opt for the preferred mode of connection as per the printer you are using wired or wireless connection. Hence, it will establish the connection between your printer and computer. 

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