When HP printer says offline?

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When HP printer says offline?

When HP printer says offline?

At times, users might face various printer errors. One of the most frequently occurring errors is that the HP printer offline. This error occurs when your computer system cannot communicate with your HP printer. However, once this error appears your printer doesn’t execute the print commands and stops printing. 

HP Printer says offline error occurs due to some of the following issues. 

  • Fault in your HP Printer Drivers.
  • Paper Jamming issues.
  • Poor internet connection.
  • Improper USB Connections.
  • Incorrect printer settings.

How to get rid of HP Printer says offline error? 

It is quite important to fix the issue at that time when it appears. So, to help you to deal with this problem, here are some of the simple and easy troubleshooting steps. 

  • Fix improper USB Connections- 

In case, you are using the wired HP printer, then first you have to ensure that your printer is connected properly with the USB cable. Along with this, also check whether there is any breakage in the cable or not. If you found any fault in the cable, replace it with the new one. 

  • Resolve Paper Jamming Issues-

Sometimes due to improper paper feeding into the printer causes the paper jamming issues. To resolve this issue ensure that you have inserted the papers properly into the printer. For this, firstly take out the stack of papers that you have inserted and make sure that no paper is stuck into the printer. Later on insert the papers properly into the printer’s input tray.

  • Set your printer as a default printer manually –
    • The very first step is to locate and launch the Control Panel in your computing device. 
    • Now, to adjust your system’s settings, look for Hardware and Sound. 
    • Furthermore, you are required to opt for Devices and Printers option.
    • Subsequently, you will get a list of all the printers that are being linked to the same network connection. Here, you must choose your HP Printer on which you are currently working. 
    • Thereafter, you have to right-click on your Printer, and then simply you need to place your cursor and choose Set as Default Printer.
  • Uninstall the previously installed HP Printer Driver-

Sometimes, users might face printer says offline issue when you have not installed the appropriate hp printer driver as per your printer or it is not up to date. So, in that circumstance you have to uninstall the inappropriate or earlier installed printer driver from your system permanently. Later on install the most recently launched and appropriate printer driver to let your printer work smoothly. 

  • Check your Wi-Fi network connection-

While connecting your wireless printer, make sure that your computer and printer are well-connected to the same network connection. Along with this, ensure that your wi-fi network is working properly. If you find any problem in the connectivity then firstly, disconnect your printer from the wi-fi connection to which it is attached and then connect it again to the same network. 

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