HP is a globally acclaimed specialist in providing the perfect printing machine for both Household and Professional users. Apart from this, through the official website, i.e,123.hp.com/setup, the user can easily download the software for their printer. All feature-packed devices provide an unmatched experience to its worldwide users. Once the user purchase the HP printer, then it is obvious to perform the setup procedure to use the printer conveniently. So, to support hassle-free completion of its deployment, HP provides the user an official portal i.e. “123.hp.com/setup”.


How To Install HP Printer Drivers At “123.hp.com/setup”?

At “123.hp.com/setup”, the user can easily download HP Printer Drivers. It is one of the most vital steps of HP Printer Setup procedure. Furthermore, through the help of a detailed step-by-step process, the user can perform hassle-free installation process.

To begin with, this process via “123.hp.com/setup” perform the following steps regarding the Download and Installation process.

Downloading HP Printer Drivers

Following are the steps through which the user can easily download the HP Printer Drivers. So, scroll down and apply the steps same as discussed below.

  1. First of all, access to an available Internet Browser, i.e. Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Google Chrome etc.
  2. Then, go to “123.hp.com”. This webpage provides the users with the link to Download the HP Printer drivers.
  3. However, Drivers facilitate only the basic Printer functioning. But, HP Printers are known to be packed with intuitive and advanced features. In order to exploit their full potential, it is essential to get dedicated Printer Drivers for specific Printer Model.  As such, it is recommended to get the Drivers from “123.hp.com”.
  4. Once the website gets open, it seeks the Printer’s Model Number. Hence, enter the same accurately in the “Search Bar”. Then, click on “Search”. In case, if any user is not aware of their Printer’s Model Number. Then, click on “Where’s the model number?”. The following instructions will assist you in locating it.
  5. With this, it takes the user to the window displaying the Link to Download the Drivers for the respective HP Printer Model.
  6. Then, click on the “Download” tab. As such, the downloading process will begin.
  7. But, the users are suggested to wait for the process to complete.

Installing HP Printer Drivers

Once the user have properly downloaded the HP Printer Drivers from “123.hp.com/setup”, then proceed to the Installation procedure. Given below is the process to install the Drivers to the System.

➥ For Windows

  1. Start the process by searching the Drivers downloaded at “123.hp.com/setup”. For this, check the System’s Default Download Location which is the Downloads Folder.
  2. Then, open the downloaded file by double-clicking this file.
  3. After this, when the pop-up box appears on the screen showing a Security Warning, click on “Run” button to permit System Validation.
  4. As a result, a “User Account Control” window will get open. Hence, click “Yes” to proceed with the “123.hp.com/setup” process. 
  5. Next, click on the “Continue”. 
  6. Thereafter, it suggests the users to choose Software to Install “setup file”. Therefore, click “Customize Software Selection.” Then, choose an appropriate option from  there.
  7. In order to proceed further, click on the “Next” option.
  8. Attentively read the “Installation Agreements and Settings” terms. Then, tick mark the corresponding checkbox. 
  9. After that, click on the “Next” option.
  10. By doing this,  the “Installation” process will begin. Now, wait for its completion.
  11. When the process finishes, click “Continue”.
  12. Following that, the user will have to perform the Network Connection process. Hence, follow on-screen instructions. In the very first place, select the Connection Option as “Automatic Setup.”
  13. After completing the “123.hp.com/setup” process, proceed to run a “Print Test”. 
  14. Finally, click “Finish”.
  15. Then, Restart the Windows Device.

➥ For Mac

  1. Start the process by searching the Drivers downloaded at “123.hp.com/setup”. For this, check the System’s Default Download Location which is the Downloads Folder.
  2. Then, open the downloaded file by double-clicking this file.
  3. Next, the users are suggested to click on the “Setup my product” button.
  4. Then, read the “End User License Agreement” and “Privacy Policy” properly.
  5. Click “Continue” to proceed further.
  6. Follow on-screen prompts to continue with the setup process. 
  7. Finally, click “Install” to mark the beginning of the Installation process. 
  8. When prompted, enter the Mac’s Administrator Username and Password. 
  9. Thereafter, click “OK”.
  10. Once again, click “Install” when a pop-up box appears on the screen. 
  11. After that, wait for the completion of its process. 
  12. Then, click “Finish”.
  13. At last, Restart the Mac Device.

Applying the above-discussed steps would become easy for all users to download and install HP printer drivers. Many users still encounter issues while downloading or installing the hp driver or faces the hp printer offline issue. So, in that case, they all are recommended to take help from the Hp customer service professionals.