HP is popularly known for providing high-quality printing machines. Additionally, HP has provided an official website, i.e., “123.hp.com,” where the user can easily setup their printer. The user can setup their device, but they can also perform other activities such as downloading printer drivers and a lot more. Moreover, HP provides cutting-edge Printing Technology to its users worldwide through the robust, feature-packed HP Printers. Purchasing these printing machines with the latest and advanced features is the first step in exploring this innovative technology. So, performing the HP Printer Setup is quite simple and convenient through “123.hp.com.” 


Understand The HP Printer Setup Procedure Through “123.hp.com”

HP Printer Setup is a simple yet essential process that needs to be executed perfectly. This procedure involves Preparing the Printer, Configuring to the Internet, and Installing Printer Drivers from “123.hp.com”. With proper guidance, the user can have smooth and hassle-free Printer Setup. 

➣ Preparing The Printer

HP Printer Setup via “123.hp.com/setup” begins with preparing the HP Printer. It involves Unboxing of the Device, Providing Power, Setting Preferences, Installing Paper and Ink Cartridges.

➣ Unboxing The HP Printer

  1. The HP Printer comes in a secure cardboard box casing. As the user get the Device, the very first thing to do is to carefully bring the Printer out of this box. 
  2. Now, place the Printer on a safe, flat surface.
  3. Next, the users are suggested to get rid of all the packaging material wrapped around it.
  4. After that, eliminate stickers, tapes etc. from its outer body and control panel.
  5. In addition to that, clear all the wrapping material from the inner sections of Scanner Lid.
  6. Along with that, Ink Cartridge Access Area also comes covered with protective packaging. So, properly remove all this.
  7. Apart from that, the users are suggested to bring out the Photo Tray from the Input Tray. Then remove all the wrapping materials and tapes.
  8. Also, slide the Paper Width Guides and clear the remaining packaging material.
  9.  Make sure to properly clear all the tapes and packaging materials for the Printer Setup via “123.hp.com”. 

➣ Provide Power

  1. Once the physical setup is complete, then the Printer will need a stable Power Supply. 
  2. The Printer comes with a Power Cable. As such, plug in one end of this cable to the Printer. 
  3. Now, plug in the other end of this Cable to a secure Wall Outlet. 
  4. Then, turn it “ON.
  5. Thereafter, press the “Power” button of the HP Printer.
  6. As a result, it will light up its Power Lamp. Make sure it is stable. 

➣ Set Preferences

  1. Go to the Control Panel of “HP Printer” to proceed to the process at “123.hp.com”. 
  2. On the Home screen the user will be asked to set their Preferred Language. Hence, make an appropriate selection. 
  3. Then, tap on the “Continue”.
  4. The following screen requires you to choose your “Country” or “Region”. Then, tap “Continue Setup” option.
  5. After that, select “Date”. Then, tap “Continue”.
  6. Finally, choose “Time”. Then, tap “Continue”.

➣ Install Paper 

  1. Carefully open your Printer’s Input Tray for its setup through “123.hp.com”. 
  2. Locate its Paper Width Guides. Then, slide them away from each other. 
  3. Now, load the Input Tray with sheets of plain A4 size Papers.
  4. After that, slide the Paper Width Guides until it fits in the edges of the inserted Paper Sheets.
  5. Finally, close the Input Tray properly. 

➣ Install Ink Cartridges

  1. Open the Printer’s Ink Cartridge door with carefully. 
  2. With this, the Printer’s Control Panel will display the option of “Change Ink”. It will provide an animated video to guide the user with Ink Cartridge Installation procedure.
  3. Note: The users are suggested to tap on it to view this video.
  4. Now, remove the Ink Cartridge from the box.
  5. Note: Make sure to hold only the black plastic side of the cartridge.
  6. After this, pull away the orange tape that protects the cartridge.
  7. After that, install the Ink Cartridges properly into their respective slots. Make sure to Install the black one in the left slot and the other tricolour one in the right slot.
  8. Similarly, Install the remaining cartridges correctly.
  9. Thereafter, close the door of the Ink Cartridge.
  10. This completes the physical setup required for the process at “123.hp.com”. 

Install HP Printer

  1. Before proceeding further, the users are suggested to ensure that the Printer is configured to the Internet Network.
  2. Then, turn “ON” the system and hook it to a stable Internet Connection. 
  3. Make sure that both the Printer and system are connected to the same Network.
  4. Note: But, don’t connect the Printer to the system via a USB Cable. 
  5. Now, launch an Internet Browser.
  6. After this, in the search bar enter “123.hp.com.”
  7. Then the users are suggested to correctly provide the Printer’s Model Number in the given “Search Bar”. Then, click on “Search” option.
  8. As a result, the the user will get a “Download” link on the following webpage. 
  9. Thereafter, click on this “Download” button. 
  10. With this, the downloading process will begin for HP Printer Driver. However, this will take time. Hence, wait for it.
  11. Once the download finishes at “123.hp.com”, properly install the “Drivers” by following on-screen instructions.

Applying the above-discussed steps would become easy for all users to download and install HP printer drivers. But, if there is any still encounter issues while downloading or installing the Hp printer driver or faces the hp printer offline issue. Then speak with the Hp customer service professionals to get the issue resolved.